Marketing Major Requirements

  As with anything worth knowing, the Marketing Major is much more complex and nuanced than is apparent at first glance. Do you want to go into content creation? Analytics? Sales? Research and Psychology? Advertising? Branding strategy?

A core part of UMMA's vision is to cut through the fog of uncertainty that comes with any university degree, and deliniate a direct path from your studies to your career. 

First of all you need to graduate. The table on the right shows the required courses to get your Bachelor of Commerce with a concentration in Marketing. 

Take a look at the articles below to learn more about where a marketing degree can take you and how you can get to where you want to be, even if you're not sure where that is yet. Whether you're still in highschool and weighing your options or 3 months away from your degree and still looking for answers, this is the place to start.


Marketing Research               

Consumer Behaviour                     

Marketing Management  


Plus one of: 

Selected Topics in Mktg 

Marketing Strategy 

International Marketing 

Retail & Channel Mgmt 

Services Marketing 

Integrated Mktg Comm 

Sales Management 



Students completing the Marketing major are also required to take STAT 2000 as one of their electives since STAT 2000 (D) is a prerequisite for MKT 3220. 


MKT 3220 (3 hrs)

MKT 3230 (3 hrs) 

MKT 4210 (3 hrs) 



MKT 3240 (3 hrs) 

MKT 3250 (3 hrs) 

MKT 3300 (3 hrs) 

MKT 3310 (3 hrs) 

MKT 3340 (3 hrs) 

MKT 3390 (3 hrs) 

MKT 4270 (3 hrs)