Get to know us better!

Watch the video below to get to know us better! From what is UMMA all about, to our plans this year, our response to the current situation and how to get in touch with us! 

Who are we?

We are a team of highly devoted and experienced individuals who take great pride in being part of UMMA. Our aim is to make UMMA the best student association ever and play a vital role in student’s university life. All our executives are super passionate about Marketing and want to keep the momentum going. 

O U R   P I L L A R S

Breaking Barriers

To combine the marketing knowledge gained through academic learning and in person learning. UMMA’s goal is to give each student the opportunity to enter and learn about the Marketing industry.

Building Bridges

The goal is to be that bridge between companies and students. We aim to provide vital experiences and learnings through UMMA.

Following Through

We want to ensure the transit from student to work life is smooth and valuable for our members. We aim for UMMA to be the gateway for success.

Interested in becoming a member?